While working in my studio today I was very aware of the available crossover of style between business and fashion photography. The goal during the day was to take corporate images of a good friend of mine that I used to figure skate with as a child.

Jamie being so used to being on display as a competitive figure skating is a breeze to shoot with and always a lot of fun so we usually tend to lean more towards fashion styled lighting setups as there isn’t much time needed for directing posing. We also switched between three or four different configurations of the lighting today also.

Some very soft lighting and then harder lighting also. Ranging from two to four light head setups and then some reflectors as well so it could well have used five to seven lights if I wasn’t utilizing reflectors. Now using five to seven lights is a reasonably large sized fashion lighting setup for me yet I was specifically focused on corporate photography today.

The goal was to produce imagery that could be used in a business setting so they weren’t far out off the wall photos but corporate imagery that had more depth and hopefully interest of the person viewing them.

It is quite normal to produce beautiful corporate portraits using a one or two light setup and I still do this most weeks especially if I am on location and the space is limited but it is also very enjoyable for me to experiment more with the shoot by adding more elements and techniques.

2018 was a year where I had a noticeable shift in the number of companies asking for outside of the box corporate photography where they had specific requests with regards to the mood, emotion and or style of the shoot. These particular shoots also had a slightly different feel from the people being photographed also. They all appeared to be more engaged with the actual process of the shoots and a lot of the time quite intrigued to see the results.

I saw firsthand that creativity in the workplace in somethings as simple as a photography session could contribute to shift the dynamic of a group of work colleagues. The shoots where I noticed this the most was where I was commissioned to use a more fashion styled lighting setup which generally created some more shadow and depth to the images.

When I was working in corporate finance I always loved when I had a manager or executive that fostered creativity in the workplace so it is so much fun to see that from the outside and to be able contribute from a photographic standpoint now.

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