A Calgary Photographer is where I am focused on as a career and after being born and growing up my whole life in Calgary it is somewhat of change compared to where I thought I might be if you asked me 10 years ago.

I spent my life growing up in the South East of Calgary and going to school before entering the University of Calgary to get my degrees in both Business and Economics. When leaving school I had already spent previous summers working in the Oil and Gas industry and it was a natural progression to continue on that journey. I did get scouted to work in Investment Banking but due to my love of Snowboarding, I felt Oil and Gas would allow me more free time to spend enjoying my hobby while still offering me a great career. This is exactly what it did.

Now I am a Calgary Photographer though so how did I get here?

During my years growing up I was heavily involved in competition figure skating and all of the accompanying dance and ballet classes that complement that. I was also very interested in art at school and then I also competed as a black belt in Shotokan. So my youth was filled with lots of fitness training, figure skating sessions, dance, art, fighting and lots of competitive events.

When deciding how to plan for the rest of my career I actually wanted to attend art school but my parents felt quite strongly that it was a better choice to pursue business so that is the way I went. Although that wasn’t ideal in my mind at the time when I started my schooling in business, I gained amazing experience, education and contacts in Oil and Gas over the nine years. I met amazing people there that I still am lucky enough to remain in contact with to this day and call my friends.

So then how did someone that was quickly progressing through the world of Oil and Gas end up as as a professional Calgary Photographer? Well around 2008 I decided to purchase a DSLR camera with the goal of capturing images of my friends as we snowboarded. It added a new dynamic to my weekends and a different experience. I have always enjoyed learning so I started taking course in photography and then within a very short period of time I ended up finding my self covering a snowboard event for Billabong.

I continued to work in business but now at the weekends or in the evenings I would have events I volunteered for or was paid a small fee to take pictures at. Fast forward a couple of years and I was covering all sorts of things like weddings, portraits, corporate photography and more. I am a people person so I leaned more towards portraiture in the end but I have worked in every aspect of photography that I could try.

It is hard to say where I totally became a professional Calgary Photographer but around when my daughter was born I was working almost equal amounts in Oil and Gas and photography. After my maternity leave I became a full time photographer. It has taken me to different parts of the world and allowed me to meet some incredible people from many professions such as business, sports, models, authors and entertainment industries such as television and film.

The transition to this career wasn’t really a conventional one and there were some definite compromises at times along the way compared to where I was initially traveling in my previous career but I am very happy that I followed my intuition and did something that felt right to me.

I have now been for a number of years a professional Calgary Photographer working in this city at my studio or on location. I also travel across Canada plus to countries such as the USA and Europe for assignments. In the last year alone I have worked with large multinational companies, entrepreneurs, some of Calgary’s most influential executives, individual professionals, professional athletes, sports personalities, organizations, charities, international best selling authors, international models, artists, brands, TV and Film personalities. I still call Calgary home and I love being a photographer here.