PPOC Accreditation Portraiture

Professional Photorgraphers of Canada Katherine Calnan

I am an Accredited Professional
Photographer and qualified member of the Professional Photographers of
Canada (PPOC), a prestigious organization dedicated to the highest
standard in professional imaging in Canada. Choosing to join the
was a conscience decision to take my professional photography to the next level.

Upon joining the group of professional creative artists you begin your membership at an “observer”
qualification. You receive some benefits of being part of the association, but the remaining benefits are
reserved for the “accredited” photographers who earn this status from PPOC. To earn an accreditation in
a chosen photographic category you must submit a portfolio of 10 images meeting the criteria outlined by
the PPOC. Once submitted it is put before a panel of judges in a filled room of fellow photographers
observing. Their review is based on the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition,
Presentation, Color Balance, Centre of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Quality, Technique, and Story

As a specialist in their chosen field, a PPOC Accredited professional photographer has the proven
experience, knowledge and equipment to provide you with a quality product in their area of
expertise. PPOC’s Accreditation process recognizes photographers who have reached a nationally
accepted standard of proficiency and knowledge in photographic arts and is able to demonstrate their
capability of delivering image excellence in a chosen field and sets them apart as being industry leaders.
Photographers who have earned accreditation have successfully completed the highest requirements
from a panel of qualified judges across Canada.

Katherine Calnan

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katherine calnan photography
Katherine Calnan is an award winning published fashion photographer and an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Specializing in Fashion photography, Portrait photography and Commercial photography. She regularly works with some of largest model agencies in Canada and also agencies in America. Katherine has both a Business and Economics degrees from the University of Calgary. She then furthered her education in photography taking courses in Canada, USA and the UK. She spent a large part of her life in advanced competitive figure skating, ballet and dance. Katherine is also a black belt in Shotokan with further training in Ninjutsu and close quarter combat. After many years in the oil and gas industry she transitioned into the world of professional photography. She is based in Calgary Alberta and she travels extensively across Canada and the USA following her passion for photography and also covers assignments in Europe.


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