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Event photography in Calgary was on the first areas of professional photography that we started in and it is still an area of work that we continue to enjoy. Our goal with event photography is to capture a candid view of the event using a variety of lens focal lengths and photography techniques to create interesting and engaging images you and your audience will want to look at and use.

We have an extensive working background and experience in fashion, portrait, commercial, still life and advertising photography and we can use the skills from and elements of these genres in our event coverage.

The majority of people take their best images when they don’t know they are being taken and this also gives a true gauge of the response to an event. There is nothing better than capturing that moment when a member of the audience is totally engaged with the speaker and are totally unaware of anything else around them. Their smile, laughter, tears or concentration at that moment in time is authentic and adds a depth and dynamic to the imagery.

Prior to an event we generally ask for the type of coverage and shots that are required unless a brief has already been forwarded to us so that we have a general idea of if there are specific requirements or if there is just an overall coverage of the event needed. If there is no or minimal brief then we will proceed to cover the event as we normally would.

After we have finished taking photographs at your event we mark any unusable shots and then post process the rest of the imagery so that they are presented in the best way possible.

Images are then uploaded to an online password protected website where they can be reviewed and downloaded by as many or as few people as required. It is also also possible that people can review the images online without the ability to download them if don’t want certain people to have use of the digital files without your permission.

The majority of events that we cover the client just books us with a date and time and we do the rest. If our client has a specific look or color toning that is required then we can also apply this also where possible.

Away from event photography we do a lot of studio work with lighting and backdrops so it is easy for us to also setup a staged areas at events for single and group shots. There is usually an additional charge for this type of service but the best approach is to brief us on what you hope to achieve and we will work out with you the best way we can do that.

If you have further questions or would like to book our service then please email info@katherinecalnan.com or call 1 403 703 3027.

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Katherine Calnan is an award winning published fashion photographer and an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Specializing in Fashion photography, Portrait photography and Commercial photography. She regularly works with some of largest model agencies in Canada and also agencies in America. Katherine has both a Business and Economics degrees from the University of Calgary. She then furthered her education in photography taking courses in Canada, USA and the UK. She spent a large part of her life in advanced competitive figure skating, ballet and dance. Katherine is also a black belt in Shotokan with further training in Ninjutsu and close quarter combat. After many years in the oil and gas industry she transitioned into the world of professional photography. She is based in Calgary Alberta and she travels extensively across Canada and the USA following her passion for photography and also covers assignments in Europe.


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