gear list

This is the list of gear that I most commly use:

Camera: Canon EOS R, Canon 5D Mkiv, Fuji XT-3, Phase One

Lenses: Canon 135mm Tilt Shift, Fuji 18-55, Canon 85mm 1.2, Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 24 – 70 F4, Sigma 105mm Macro,

These are the lenses I spend the most time using daily.

Lighting: Broncolor Siros 800s Monolights, Broncolor Siros 800L Monolight, Broncolor Picolite, Broncolor Projection Attachment, Broncolor Packs.

I do own various speedlights from Canon which I used to use a lot before moving to monolights and although I haven’t used them for a long time I have kept them as they could still useful if not in studio and I want something small light to add to a scene.

Triggers include the Broncolor RFS 2.2 as the ones I use the most.

On a some commercial assignments where the equipment is rented out by the client and I am not bringing my own gear then at times I would be working with Profoto lights like the Pro 10 pack and heads, B1, D2, A1, Air Remote and then a selection of Profoto light shaping tools.

Modifiers: Broncolor Para 133, Mola Demi 22″ Beauty Dish, Broncolor 150 Octabox, Broncolor 75 Octabox, Broncolor Picolite attachments and tools, Westcott 7′ Parabolic umbrellas with Diffuser, Westcott Apollo Orb, Gels, Conical Snoot, Basic metal reflectors, Grids, Barn Doors, Cinefoil.

Stands: Various stands ranging from C-Stands from Kupo to lighter weight more portable stands from Broncolor, tripods, monopod

Computer hardware and software: Imac, Mac mini, Asus monitor, Macbook, Ipad mini, Iphone 6, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X, Imovie, Motion 5, Adobe Illustrator.

Audio: Zoom H1, Sennheiser G3,  Rode VideoMic

Misc: Backdrops (paper and cloth), memory cards, memory card readers, portable hard drives, ND filters, spare batteries for cameras and triggers, gels (various colours), tablet, i1 display pro, various backpacks and wheelie bags to pack everything, v-flats, reflectors

katherine calnan photography
Katherine Calnan is an award winning published fashion photographer and an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Specializing in Fashion photography, Portrait photography and Commercial photography. She regularly works with some of largest model agencies in Canada and also agencies in America. Katherine has both a Business and Economics degrees from the University of Calgary. She then furthered her education in photography taking courses in Canada, USA and the UK. She spent a large part of her life in advanced competitive figure skating, ballet and dance. Katherine is also a black belt in Shotokan with further training in Ninjutsu and close quarter combat. After many years in the oil and gas industry she transitioned into the world of professional photography. She is based in Calgary Alberta and she travels extensively across Canada and the USA following her passion for photography and also covers assignments in Europe.


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