Fashion and PPOC Shutter Technique Tutorial Photoshoot Video

A while back I became a professionally accredited photographer with the PPOC (Professional Photographers of Canada). This is such a great organization for professional photographers with a vast array of benefits. If you are a professional photographer in Calgary or Canada for that matter then there will likely be a chapter of the PPOC near you or hopefully close by.

As an accredited member we meet monthly in Calgary. Parts of these meetings involves watching or presenting tutorials on various photography techniques. This month was my turn to make a presentation about shutter techniques.

I put together a number of shots that showed various images taken from very slow up to very high speed shutters such as those used with High Speed Sync.

To help demonstrate and document images for the subject I was going to be teaching I was able to enlist a couple of models that I love working with and their names are Astrid and Thomas. I will put their contact details below along with their agencies for if you would like to use their services.

The content of this video shows some of the work that went in to demonstrating and documenting shutter techniques which I presented at our most recent PPOC meeting. Not all of the techniques are being utilized during this video as there were indoor and outdoor shots but it does show a lot of the fun we had making it.

The actual presentation I made at the PPOC in Calgary had a live feed on youtube to share with anyone online that was interested in learning. So that is available for everyone in the future that is interested.

Models: Astrid Wilm @astridwilm and Thomas Kastelic @tomkast

Makeup: Evangeline Zak @evangelinezak


Lighting and Modifiers: Broncolor Octabox 150 and 75

Modifier: Westcott Apollo

Beauty Dish: Mola Demi

Camera: Canon 5D Mkiii

Lenses: Canon 24-70 f4, Canon 85mm f1.2, Canon 50mm f1.4

Video: Canon 7D with Canon 24-70 f4 Lens

Video and Editing: Simon Calnan

Model Agency: Numa Models

Location: Calgary (Katherine Calnan Photography Studio)

Music in video by:

Disfigure• @disfigureofficial•
Tara Louise• @tara-louise•

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