Business Portraits Today

Business portraiture has changed and shifted in it’s impact and importance as social media has grown and weaved itself firmly into the modern business world.

It used to be that a first impression came from an in person meeting or someone reviewing your resume and these are still important parts of business communication and networking. Now with the advent of social media though and its acceptance into the corporate world first meetings and impressions are also made by looking at a picture of you.

The beauty of in person meeetings especially for the socially savvy individuals of the world is that you have an opportunity to counter or grow any perceptions that another has created for you in their mind. How many times have you met someone and had that uncertain feeling in your gut initially only to spend a short time speaking with them and then totally becoming at ease and feeling positively about the encounter.

With imagery the perception made by an individual is a lot of the time made on their own with minimal or little information to counter what they immediately think.

Imagery has a very unique way of being able to trigger the limbic system in an incredibly fast time. With the use of social media such as Instagram people are actively training their brain to make incredibly fast decisions about things by a single image before staying or moving onto something else. If its great and appeals to their values then chances are higher that they will look into it a little further.

Many of the corporate professionals and their families in the world have spent many years, intensive work and a lot of money to educate themselves and excel in their chosen fields.

They invest in clothing for work, iron those clothes each day, network with others even when feel they need rest, eat well, exercise, take courses in business and social skills, read and research in their spare time, sacrifice time with family and the list goes on.

After being personally in the corporate world for many years and still being actively associated with a vast amount of entry level and highly accomplished business professionals I never cease to be amazed at the amount of forethought and work that they put into their careers. It really is a thing of beauty and amazement for me at times.

They will also spend hours prepping or paying someone to else prepare the best possible resume they can. Then there is an area where I have noticed a divide in something and that is the imagery used for their own personal profile. For some they put a lot of importance on this and invest in getting the best corporate headshot photography they can to again show themselves in the best light possible. Then I also meet highly skilled and amazing corporate professionals that have cell phone images in the back yard or outdated imagery as their profile. It is actually quite common that many of them are some of the hardest workers I have met and may not feel they have time to organize or possibly don’t value how they look on a website or social media as an important part of business or the corporate world. For some it is just they don’t enjoy the process of working with a photographer or being in front of a camera.

These last two parts are actually pretty easy to overcome if you are working with a professional photographer that has spent a lot of time in the corporate world and still does in a photographic capacity. Having corporate photography with someone that has the experience and equipment to show the world how great you are in an image and is able to help you feel relaxed and entice the best of you while doing capturing that on film (well lots of digital 1’s and 0’s in today’s digital photography world) can make the whole process an enjoyable one.

Katherine Calnan is an accredited professional photographer based in Calgary Alberta who specializes in corporate, portrait, fashion and advertising photography.

If you would like to speak with Katherine about your own corporate portrait photography or headshots then please email or call 1-403-703-3027.