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I am a Calgary Photographer and recently a model / talent agency I work with a lot asked if I could send them a short video that they could use for promotion on their Instagram page. There is a Western Canada model and talent convention later in the year where agencies around the world come to see talent and I will be the official photographer for the event.

So the video posted here is what I sent them. Now I do a lot of photography work so most of what I post on Instagram is content I have been making of other people or brands and not a lot of myself. Then what I do post of myself usually has had very little or no planning.

On this occasion it wasn’t too much different from that as we hadn’t exactly planned what we were going to do but I did know I wanted to get this short promo clip made so there was some intent there.

My husband does the majority of my video work and knew he wanted to get some slow motion shots so he had put up some video lights in the studio and then in the space of around 5 minutes we captured what you see in the video and then he spent around 30 minutes editing it and hey presto there is the promo video. With a lot more forethought and planning we could have done a lot more and we plan to do some more interesting pieces in the future. Sometimes though if you have 10 minutes to get some footage just do what you can in that time.

So as I mentioned I am a Calgary Photographer and the majority of the work that I am capturing at the moment are celebrity personalities, magazine work, corporate photography, model portfolio photography, and commercial work with brands. This isn’t the only work that I do but this is what I spend the most time enjoying.

I hope that you enjoy this short clip and if you have any inquiries you would like to send my way then please do so we would love to hear from you.

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Calgary Photographer Katherine Calnan

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