Lots of travel and different locations over the last three months for this Calgary photographer. Neglected blog posts were a result of that : )

There are some videos that are almost ready to post and lots of fun things happening. Until then I thought I would update a little about things iv been doing.

Many corporate clients from a wide range of companies and not just oil and gas which is great for the city. Talent photography of some really fun and amazing people younger and older.

So travel to and from Vancouver filled a chunk of time. Where I worked in Whistler and shot a fashion runway show. Then in Vancouver city I worked with Rock band “Cobra Ramone” that have just had some music used in the massive hit TV show “Supernatural”. Also I got to work with a really cool architecture company and their employees who were awesome.

Another part of being in Vancouver was covering the Face’s West event for models, actors and talent. There have been multiples of model portfolio shoots, musicians, CEO’s, actors and actresses, product shoots, clothing brands, makeup brands, women’s business award winners.

A winters break is going to be wonderfully enjoyed by myself and family.

Well this Calgary photographer is now going to get ready for a shoot with another award winner from the YWE Young Women in Energy.

Have a great day and I hope to post some more video footage soon.