One of my favorite parts of being a Calgary photographer is the amazing people that I meet. A local celebrity in Calgary named Danielle L. Jensen is the USA Today bestselling author of The Malediction Novels: Stolen Songbird, Hidden Huntress, Warrior Witch, and The Broken Ones, as well as The Bridge Kingdom (Audible Originals). Her latest novel, Dark Shores, will be released by Tor Teen in May of 2019

Danielle’s website is and you can go there and check out more information about her books and keep up to date on what she has going on. She does make appearances for fans to be able to meet her and these are usually listed on her website. I think she also has a newsletter that you can subscribe to and get the latest updates.

You may or may not know that I spent a large part of my career working in the oil and gas industry before I became a Calgary photographer which is something that I have in common with Danielle in that she was also working in the petroleum industry before following her dreams and making her move to become an author.

So we both had a lot of stories from our previous work lives while capturing images of her which made for a really fun and interesting Calgary photography shoot. When you regularly get to work with individuals that are following their passions even though they could quite easily have taken the easy route and remained in the comfortable careers they had, I find it so empowering to see that in people.

It can be quite daunting to leave a career that pays well and offers you many benefits and then to go into a totally different career path that doesn’t necessarily offer you the same at least not at the beginning. A lot of the people that I speak with that have done the same have all spoken about how they were questioned on their decision as to whether it was a sensible decision to leave and pursue their dreams.

I guess only they can let you know if it was sensible or not. After talking to Danielle and witnessing the success and personal fulfillment that she has gained by making the change I believe that it was an incredibly sensible thing to go for it.

I encourage you to sample some of Danielle’s books and if you get a chance to attend an event where she is making an appearance then go and say hello as she is awesome.

Calgary Celebrity Danielle L. Jensen USA today best selling author captured by Calgary Photographer Katherine Calnan

Calgary Celebrity Danielle L. Jensen USA today best selling author captured by Calgary Photographer Katherine Calnan