Last year I was fortunate enough to meet Canadian Comedian, Actor and Writer Mark Critch and to be his celebrity photographer for an evening.

An acquaintance of mine owns a magazine called I’m here with Magazine which is available in stores across Canada and she asked if I was able to capture some images of Canadian comedian, actor and writer Mark Critch in his Fairmont Palliser hotel room in Calgary before he left to head back to the East of Canada.

From past experience when working as a celebrity photographer with professionals from the entertainment industry and sports arenas they have tended to possess quite full schedules so there may only be a short amount of time with your subject. Also the availability of a location to shoot in can be limited or have challenges are far as lighting etc goes. This is really part of the enjoyment though as you need to think on your feet.

When working with Mark I was hoping to take some images in the entrance area of the hotel but that was quickly quashed by the hotel management in case it encroached on their other guests so we ventured up to Mark’s room and I setup a single Broncolor Siros 800L monolight with a Bron Octabox 75 modifier. So a very simple setup that was really fast to setup. The battery version of the Siros light is so quick and easy to get working and has plenty of power so it made life a lot easier than the old days when I was working with multiple speedlights.

One thing I have found repeatedly with the celebrities that I have had the pleasure of working with is that they have always had amazing personalities and stories. Just to enter into the fields of entertainment, sports etc it can take a lot of courage and creativity to get there and I feel this comes across strongly when speaking with them.

Mark is no exception and he naturally really is a warm, engaging, interesting and funny person. I Haven’t had the opportunity to visit Newfoundland in the past but after speaking with him I am actually trying to setup some work there so that I can experience at least some of the area.

Mark also has a new book out called “Son of a Critch” and it is available at pretty much every book store you can frequent so if you are in need of an upligfting good read then pick it up. Mark’s book covers his life growing up in Newfoundland. It is funny, heartwarming and a wonderful read. Here is a link to the book in case you want to see what the cover looks like and while you are there maybe get yourself a copy and support a brilliant Canadian.

You can also find and follow Mark Critch on these Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Canadian celebrity comedian, actor, writer and all round awesome dude Mark Critch sitting in his hotel room in Calgary Captured by photographer Katherine Calnan
Canadian celebrity comedian, actor, writer and all round awesome dude Mark Critch sitting in his hotel room in Calgary before flying back to the East Coast. Image captured by celebrity photographer Katherine Calnan

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