Almost every a week I work with corporate clients to provide them with corporate headshots and portrait photography yet I haven’t written too much about it over the years so I thought I would put this post together. I spend a lot of time now also working in the fashion world but I am still firmly seated in the corporate setting also. The University of Calgary is where I gained my Business and Economics degrees and I then went on to work for over ten years in the Oil and Gas industry mostly in finance but I also had a hand in many areas of Oil and Gas. I still look back fondly at my time there as it enabled me to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience while meeting many amazing people and visit some incredible places around the world all through my work there. I still keep in touch with many of my old work friends and genuinely love when I get to visit downtown Calgary and take corporate portraits and headshots. I do also take a lot corporate headshots and imagery at my studio as this can be more convenient and offers different options for clients that aren’t easily available on location. There is something about the buzz of being downtown though that enjoy every time I am down there. Granted nearly all the time I visit companies in Calgary now I have a camera in my hand but I still get to experience many of the things I loved about working in Oil and Gas and the corporate world. During my own time in corporate I spent a lot of days working with VP’s, Presidents, management, finance, planning, rig workers and a multitude of different employees, and this experience and understanding of the massive array of personalities, pressures and scheduling has helped me so much with my corporate portrait and headshot photography. So much of photography is about the connection between the photographer and subject. You need the photographic skills and equipment but the personal interaction side of things is really huge. Also knowing and understanding the limited time many corporate employees have makes planning and implementing shoots way easier for me. Some things to think about if you are heading into a corporate shoot is outfit and what to wear. Does your photographer have ways to alter to adjust the fitting of clothing when you are at the shoot if it is a little loose or snug? Its not uncommon for clients to have lost or gained weight after purchasing their current work clothes and having clips or inventive ways to position a person can make the world of difference to help them wear their outfit and not have the outfit wear them. Have you been drinking enough water leading up to the shoot? There are so many platforms that our corporate profile images are displayed now and for the good or bad of it, people can gather a perception about a person by how they look in an image. Studies have shown that if an image can stop a person for three seconds then they may stay for 3o seconds to read about what they have seen which is around 110 words. This could be long enough for them to read about your education or roles within a corporation. So as I see it a great image could be a catalyst to a job, promotion or recognition. It certainly can help you stand out in the online world. It is possible to see a small section of my corporate photography here . Thank you for reading and I will try and get some more corporate portrait and headshot photography posts up more often. If you would like to get more information about or book with me for corporate headshots and portrait photography then you you can reach me at 403 703 3027 or email Thank you Warm regards Katherine