Katherine Calnan Photography and Westcott Lighting Katherine Calnan Photography and Westcott Lighting

So the other week Westcott lighting posted one of my fashion photography images on their instagram page which was exciting. The image was taken by me in Canmore Alberta on a fashion shoot there.

I have been using Westcott lighting modifiers from the beginning of when I started using speedlights. Recently I have found myself in the studio a lot more and using Broncolor Siros monolights and modifiers like the Broncolor Para 133 and Octabox 150 but I still find myself going back to Westcott lighting modifiers quite often.

Most of the time when I am on location it isn’t always that convenient to be carrying around all of my Broncolor modifiers as they all tend to be larger modifiers that I use in my creative space. Bron does have a huge array of modifiers and many are very easy to transport but the ones I purchase have been big as I love large light sources in studio.

This leaves me with a need for lightweight modifiers that are easy to carry on my own and also are able to withstand the abuse of professional photography use. There are two modifiers that I use a lot on location and those are the Rapid Box which is so light, small and easy to use with a speedlight then I also get lot of use out of the Apollo modifier which nowadays gets used mainly with Broncolor Siros 800S monolights on location although I did use a triple speedlight setup with it for a long time and still would if the need arises.

I love the build quality and convenience of both of those Westcott modifiers and as the price point is so reasonable on them I never worry about taking them anywhere, especially on flights.