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January and February Photography

January and February have been the busiest start to the year that we have experienced in our company which has been awesome.

We have had a number of fashion inspired editorial shoots with many of them being published in print and many more that are waiting for editing and submission. Our set design is becoming more and more elaborate at times and this really adds another side to the creative process which is a lot of fun. Finding ways to create large looking set designs within a budget also makes for needing a lot of ingenuity at times which really can add to the whole experience of the shoot in a positive way and sometimes takes you to a place that you weren’t planning on going to initially but ends up inspiring you even more.

Time for video has been a little limited although we have had some interesting assignments with commercial clients which has been great and we plan on getting some new youtube videos planned and executed in the not too distant future.
I also have a commercial collaboration which had been delayed just because I had so much paid work I wanted to do, and I’m really excited to get that project going as it will combine lots of the best high end photography lighting available, fashion, dance, athletes and models. luckily I get to work with a number of models that are very advanced dancers and or athletes which makes for awesome photography images to imagine and create.

I did get to sit in on part of a still life photography lesson with Jean Perron Photography which was really informative. Jean specialises in advertising, commercial and still life photography and is an incredibly talented photographer that I had the pleasure of meeting some years back and its always enjoyable to spend time meeting up with and seeing him work.

Working with large companies to fulfill there photography needs is something I have done a lot of previously and the start of this year has seen a much higher percentage than usual and also I have found that the clients I have been working with are actively looking for much more creative and grander projects which are so much fun. I will see over the coming months if this is a trend in the industries I am being approached by or if I am just attracting this type of work. Either way I have been loving it all.

Tighter budgets for set design and using unique approaches to achieve elaborate results is something we have found a lot of success with but having larger budgets does allow for making things a lot faster and does allow for a higher quality of finished work.

Well that is about it for this moment in time and the next post is planned to be video based with something on youtube but I’ll see how things pan out.