Model Portfolio Fashion Photoshoot Behind the Scenes

In May of last year (2018) I did a fashion shoot with Mane Hair and our makeup artist was Sof. Our model was at the time fresh into modelling and building a portfolio and her name is Geneve.
All of the contact details for everyone involved will be posted below.
Clothing during the shoot came from Kate Hewko who is a local Calgary designer. Her clothing is always amazing and I linked the website below.
We also had some pieces from Alexander McQueen and then glasses from LeSeven Optical. LeSeven is a cool brand that makes blue light fashion styled glasses that can be worn when using devices to reduce or remove your blue light exposure.

For lighting on this fashion model portfolio photography shoot I used some Broncolor Siros 800s monolights with a Para 133, a Snoot and a metal reflector. Overall this was setup for harder lighting to create more shadow and contrast.
The camera was a Canon 5D mkiii.

The location for the shoot was at .

At this time Geneve our model had only done a few photoshoots if I remember correctly. She has a background in figure skating. It was quite fun really that both of Geneve and myself are both half Filipino and we both spent our childhoods doing competitive figure skating.
Due to Geneve’s dance and ice skating background she had great control of her body and her transition into modelling from where I was standing appeared to be a smooth one. For any models that are considering trying out I really recommend taking some classes in dance. It is amazing exercise from a health perspective but it also trains you to have better control over your body. It also helps to build your confidence at performing which is exactly what you are doing when in front of a camera. You don’t have to do this to be a great model but it really can help.

Photographer: Katherine Calnan ( )
Model: Geneve Miller
Hair: Mane House of Hair Justin Rizutto
Makeup: Sof
Kate Hewko clothing:
Alexander McQueen Clothing:
LeSeven Optical eyewear:

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