In this photoshoot we worked in Calgary with fashion model Geneve Miller. We had an original goal of shooting Geneve just in fashion images but after learning that she had a background in figure skating we decided she would be perfect for a Nike sportswear commercial photography project we were working on. So we shot these images in the Nike sportswear before she got hair and makeup done for some Alexander McQueen and Kate Hewko pieces.

Geneve at this time was a fairly new model and wanted to expand her portfolio. She is a competitive athlete in figure skating and was a wonderful model to work with.

The beauty, strength, poise and fluidity of her movements made for a really enjoyable shoot. We wanted to also get some more dynamic shots with movement and used a slightly higher shutter speed to keep the images sharp.

I personally did a lot of competitive figure skating when I was the same age as Geneve so it was really easy to communicate the movements I wanted to see from her in this shoot.

The Nike sportswear we were supplied was monotone and looked great. The design and cut of the pants and shirt really accentuated our models athletic figure and looked great in the images.

This shoot for us is part of a larger project that we are doing involving Nike sportswear and there is still some still product photography to be completed which we will be getting done at a later date. The images that were captured on this shoot may also be combined into composites and that is why we wanted to use a nice clean background to make isolating the subject in post much easier.

The main light that we used on this shoot was a the Broncolor Para 133 as it gives a wonderful almost 3d light on the subject. We also added a couple of strip boxes on either side to create hero lighting. The monolights that we were using were the Broncolor 800 s and L models. I use these a lot and love the light that comes from them. They also very fast, so they make freezing subjects very easy.

Photographer : Katherine Calnan @katherinecalnanphotography

Video and editing: Simon Calnan

Model: Geneve Miller @genevemiller

Wardrobe: Nike @Nikesportswear

Location: @nvrlnd.yyc/

Music: Dj Quads – Dope


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