Profoto lighting article featuring Katherine Calnan Fashion Photographer

Early last year I was asked if I would do a video featuring products from the Profoto Lighting brand. The shoot took place at Kallos Studio in Calgary with my team and our model Tessa Greiner. I posted a video in a blog post a month ago which shows the footage captured from the day and some of the images captured. I have already written a post about the day so I wont go over it again here.

I did want to mention that the video we made and the article are actually up now on the Profoto Canada website at the following


Here is an exert from the About Us section of the Profoto Canada lighting website that explains a bit about the company.

“A commitment to light shaping excellence today, and tomorrow.

Profoto is more than a brand. Profoto is more than the world-leading light shaping products we make. 

Profoto is dedicated to making every image the best it can possibly
be by helping the creator bring the very best quality of light to the
image. And when you consider there are literally billions of images
taken every single day, you start to truly understand the full extent of
our commitment to light shaping excellence. 

That dedication and passion have been imprinted in our DNA from the very beginning. 

50 years ago, our founders Conny Dufgran and Eckhard Heine resolved
to make the very best flash for the very best photographers, and they
succeeded. That’s a standard that we don’t only aim to maintain but to

Because we believe that light is the indispensable heart of all image
creation, no matter what the camera, no matter what the situation, the
ability to create amazing images is directly linked to the ability to
master light shaping.

That core principle is the key to enabling a world filled with incredible images and the purpose of every single light shaping tool we make.”