New this month is going to be my first instalment of my monthly photography educational series. Starting local in Calgary I am holding monthly educational classes of various levels to fellow creatives whether just starting, hobbyists or if photography is your profession. The best thing is the calgary photography class is $20+gst while we are starting up!

The classes will be offered monthly at approximately the same time of the month. The class offerings will vary in level from beginner photographer to advanced photographer, business topics, creative and guest speakers. These topics will span from natural light, studio lighting, in class practice, posing, live photoshoot, creative techniques & current photography trends. 

There will also be once a month photographer wellness classes to support creatives balancing of entrepreneurship and still being a healthy human! These will be covering mind, body and soul.

Within one month you will infusing your creative talents and learning to have a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

On May 29th for our first class together, we will be doing what I love to do, a fashion photoshoot! We will be creating a spring look, the process and planning leading up to our photoshoot and during our class capturing the look with a simple one light setup with a live photoshoot. 

If you are interested in coming to the class please email me
and secure your seat with $21 (includes gst) to

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See you at the upcoming class!