What is going on with us for 2018?

2017 was a really fun year for Katherine Calnan Photography. There was a lot of travel, publications, collaborations and new and existing clients. This was the first year that I was involved in a number of live events and also a considerable amount of filming for my own work and also with companies like Profoto lighting and organizations like the PPOC.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak in front of a number of groups like the camera club and model agenices and that is something that is continuing this year as it moves forward. In fact I am speaking at the University of Calgary later this month on a panel about the subject of fashion with a number of other professionals so that is super exciting to be a part of.

As this year expands ill be doing more of my photographic work in studio and on set around Calgary along with more filming. I plan on travelling more this year also but in a slightly different manor than how I did last year and ill expand on that later as I have to keep some of quiet at present by the request of the companies involved. Some of the places ill be taking photos this year include the USA, England and Portugal then other opportunities are always popping up for me so it will be fun to see where else we will go.

We have a number of live events lined up along with a number of really progressive projects that are starting to gain momentum. The live work is really fun and it has been exciting learning about and taking part in this medium.

So this was just a quick blog post to update a little on what is going on and I will release more information on projects and events as the year goes on.