Getty Villa Los Angeles

Visiting the Getty Villa Los Angeles

So here in Calgary the weather is actually really good today and we have just got back from a photo shoot which was great. Standing in the sun today brought back recent memories of a business trip to Los Angeles in September where we got to take some incredible photography.

When most people think about Los Angeles, celebrities and paparazzi come to mind but there really is a whole lot more going on there if you just look.

Apart from having some of the freshest organic food you can buy. Which actually is probably at the top of our list of loves for the place there is also so many amazing cultural venues to visit. The Getty Villa and Getty Center are two of those places. The Getty center actually cost a billion dollars to build and has some the most stunning architecture we have seen in person.

For those who don’t know, J. Paul Getty was a very rich man to put it lightly and was also a great lover of art. Especially that of Greece and Rome.

The picture above shows just a small area of the Getty Villa and doesn’t really do it justice. It was only taken on a small point and shoot camera as we didn’t want to take lots of equipment sight seeing but it is still a photo that brings a smile to our faces every time we see it.

Along with the beautiful setting, there are also around 44,000 Greek, Roman, and Etruscan antiquities to view. Some dating back 7000 years. The villa was the brain child of J.Paul to display his amazing collections and unfortunately he passed away before it was completed.

Along with the many theaters, museums and  locations in Los Angeles this is one the great ones in our opinion and well worth visiting if you are there. It’s one of many little sections of serenity in a crazy city.