Light and Shadows Creative Fashion Shoot Video Part One

To push my photography skills I have started doing monthly creative fashion shoots with a good friend of mine Jean Perron as the creative director and his details are at the bottom of this post. Check out his work as he does some amazing advertising and commercial photography. Images from this shoot can be seen near the end of the video.

The model in this first part one video is Abby and her instagram is listed below along with the link to her model agency Model Models International.

For this first shoot I wanted to work with harder light, shadows and overall controlling light to a higher degree than I had previously to get very specific looks. There are lots of ways to control light and over the years a lot of cardboard boxes, pieces of plastic and gaffer tape has been used by us to create some unique lighting setups but as my career has progressed and time has become more valuable I now tend to use specialized lighting equipment to create the looks I want. This equipment tends to be pretty pricey but the consistency of results, amount of control and time that it saves me now is so large that it pays for itself.

Being able to consistently replicate specific lighting for clients is very important as a lot more planning goes into my work now compared to when I first started in photography and when working with larger clients the end result needs to match what was first planned out on story boards.

The gear that I used on this shoot was: Canon 5D MKiv, Canon 85mm 1.2 lens, Broncolor Siros 800S, Broncolor Siros 800L, Broncolor Octabox 150, Broncolor Para 133, Broncolor Picolite, Broncolor Projection Attachment, Broncolor power pack, V flats, Stands.

The first images used the Octabox 150 as a fill light on the model and then the Broncolor Picolite and Projection attachment to create pockets of light and light shapes on the model. In the past I have used something like cinefoil to block off the areas that I want to remain darker and this is very effective but a lot slower than using the projection attachment. Basically this tool allows for very fast adjustment and large amount of control over one light source with adjustable blades and the ability to focus the light for softer or harder lines. In the way that we used the Picolite and attachment this day created what looked like slits of light coming through a window onto the model.

For the second images we used a bare bulb on the Siros 800s and that light traveled through a piece of lace (as a gobo) leaving the patterns of the lace as shadows on the models face. There is a little bit of trial and error when working with this setup to get pleasing shapes and patterns on the model which is actually a really fun part of this setup. Altering the distance of the lace from the light, the angle, height etc… of the fabric in relation to the model all alter the look of the shadow and final image.

Lastly I used a Broncolor Para 133 behind me directed at the model to create a very unique light. The para creates such a beautiful light which is kind of like having lots of little pockets of hard light that wrap around the subject. It also has a focusing tube that allows the light source (Siros 800L) to be moved closer or further from the center of the modifier. I used the para in the middle focus and fully focused positions on this shoot so starting slightly softer and then harder with the focused position.

I am planning to use the Para 133 a lot more as I have spent a lot of time using softboxes lately just due to the type of fashion work I had been getting. I really like the Para and light from it quite different from my other modifiers.

It is very easy to get stuck doing the same tried and testing lighting setups when working in photography so that is another reason I am doing these creative sessions to expand my portfolio, have fun and get outside of my comfort zone more frequently as amazing things happen there.

The second video will be posted on youtube at the end of the work week and then Ill add a quick blog post for that as well. It will be the same lighting setups with another model called Summer and you will be able to see how the same lighting alters on a different model.

Here are three of the images of Abby from the shoot showing the results of the three different lighting setups.

Model: Abby and her instagram is:

Abby’s model agency is Mode International and you can find them here:…

Creative Director: Jean Perron and his website is: Instagram:…

You can find me (Katherine Calnan) at instagram:… Website:


Here is all of the information and contact details for the music in the video. Go check him out.

Artist and Song = Ryan Little – kick, push.



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