Light and Shadows Creative Fashion Shoot Video Part Two

This is the second part of a two part video of a recent creative fashion shoot that I did. I have been working on pushing my photography skills and learning new things and these two videos are the first of monthly creatives I will be doing. I separated the video into two parts. One for each model.

I primarily shoot fashion photography and at times due to the volume of work and fast pace of that work it can be easy to get settled into using similar lighting setups for each shoot. Variety is the spice of life and that totally applies to photography.

Switching things up with your lighting can open up a whole new world of possibilities with your photography and can be a lot of fun.

For this second shoot with our model Summer I used the same lighting setup as we did for part one of this video. This used a Broncolor Picolite for the first look with an octabox 150 for fill on the model, the second setup utilized the Octabox 150 as fill again and then the main light was a bare bulb from a Siros 800s and then lace placed as a gobo between the light and the model to create patterns on the skin.

For the last look we used a Broncolor Para 133 as the only light on the model in the fully focused position.

Part one of this video is and can also be accessed from my blog page.

Our model for this video was Summer and her instagram is:

Summer’s model agency is The Nobles Management and you can find them here:

I am working on these shoots with a good friend of mine and incredible advertising and commercial photographer called Jean Perron and his website is:
His work is awesome so please check him out.

Makeup: Mylynn

You can find me (Katherine Calnan) at instagram:


GEAR USED: Canon 5D mkiv, Canon 85mm 1.2, Broncolor Siros 800 L, Broncolor Siros 800S, Broncolor Picolite, Broncolor Para 133, Broncolor Octabox 150.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Katherine Calnan
MAKEUP: Mylynn
MODEL: Summer
MODEL AGENCY: The Nobles Management


Here is all of the information and contact details for the music in the video. Go check him out.

Artist and Song = Ryan Little – kick, push.



Bandcamp: (Grab his albums!)





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